Join Alive 2012 in IWAMIZAWA!

by Kazu

The enthusiastic event, Join Alive 2012 will be held on July 21(Sat.) and 22(Sun.) in Iwamizawa Greenland of Iwamizawa City.
The parking area was so crowded and filled with cars that I recommend you to use public transportation system or private premises of neighbourhood under the permission of the owner.
 The security staff was so bad at handling the cars and guests on the way to the parking that even if you wanted to just drop off your family or friends near the venue, it would take so long time to reach the convenient point to drop off. If you have bicycles that can be folded and loaded on your cars that would be convenient.
It was so fine during the event last year and the area  was deluged by so many people.
Please check the location of the washrooms before drinking and eating.
If you had any ponchos, that would be so convenient.
Details are at

Please enjoy the summer in Iwamizawa!

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