Events in June,2012!

June 2(Sat.): Canola Blossoms Festival in Ebeotsu District of Takikawa City
                      as I introduced previously on this blog.

June 5(Tue.)-24(Sun.): Lamp-shade Exhibition at NOUSON KANKYO KAIZEN CENTER (farm village environment improvement center) in Shintotsukawa

June 7(Thu.), 8(Fri.) 17:30-20:45(Dinner concert:3,500 Japanese Yen)
June 9(Sat.) 14:00-14:45(Lobby concert for free)
     Charity Concert at Kamoi-dake Hot Spring in Utashinai
     Ms. Mari Fujiwara plays the cello.

June 9(Sat.): Minor League Ball Game in Shintotsukawa Town.
                      Hokkaido Nippon-ham Fighters VS  
                               Tokyo Yomiuri Giants      13:00-

June 9(Sat.)-11(Mon.): Takikawa Shrine
                                                    Vernal Grand Festival
                                        Many stands and vendors will open
                                          in the premises  of Takikawa Shrine and
                                           Bellroad in front of Takikawa
                                           Railway Station

June 16(Sat.)-17(Sun.): Charity 100km Walking in Akabira City

June 16(Sat.)-17(Sun.): Pottery Festival in in Shintotsukawa Town

June 17(Sun.): All Japan Gymkhana in Sunagawa City
                          Time trial in the cart circuit will be held
                                                in Auto-sport Land Sunagawa.

June 23(Sat.): Rose Garden In Chippubetsu will open and show you
                                  the wonderful scenery filled with various kinds of roses.

June 23(Sat.) 8:30-: Sekka-Sai (Snow Festival in summer) in Numata Town
                                   Snow board racing and snowball fighting will be held
                                    in Numata Snow Mountain Center.

June 24(Sun.): All Hokkaido Mountain Bike Endurance Race
                             in Kamisunagawa
                             Four-hour endurance race of mountain bikes
June:27(Wed.9-29(Fri.) 18:00-20:00
                              Fundraising beer garden for Akabira Fire Festival at
                                KORYU Center MIRAI, the railway station building
                                 in Akabira City.
June 29(Fri.): Bar hopping Festival in Sunagawa City
                          Bar and bistro hopping race will start and end
                                in the central park of Sunagawa City.

June 30(Sat.): Science Show by Dr.Dnjiro Yonemura
                                                  at YUMERIA in Shintotsukawa

June 30(Sat.) 16:00-20:00: MOSEUSHI YU-HO ICHI  at market place
                                                 in Moseushi Town.
                                              Many vendors and attractions are planned
                                                        to revitalize the market place.                                         

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