Water in Hokkaido including Kamisunagawa Town.

by Kazu

Hokkaido Government has laid down the bylaw to oblige the current owner of the real estates  in the area that will be specified by the municipalities and Hokkaido Government by the end of 2013, to notify the municipality or Hokkaido Government the contraction in which they will sell the  real estate that may affect to the water supply.
In Sorachi sub-prefectural area, only Kamisunagawa Town submit their recommendation to appoint the area including forest and river to the object of this bylaw. The area will be around the water purification plant showed below and its upper side of the river.
Nowadays, some Chinese businesses and entities bought some real estate in forest and mountains that may have effects to the water supply.
As everybody knows, a huge dam in China erodes the quality of the water and  some water resources are polluted.
Japanese people are blessed with enough and high-quality pure water. In particular, Hokkaido is like a Shangri-la, with almost no draught.
In some countries, water is much more expensive than oil.
We have to recognize our happy situation around us and preserve the area that creates pure water of high quality.
Above is the water intake of the water filtration plant in Kamisunagawa Town.
Once the forest abundant in trees lost or damaged, it requires so much to reproduce the system to create the water for lives.
We have to hand down the beautiful world and the environment blessed by God to our descendants.