Lake AKAN!

by Kazu

Congratulation again, Andy!
I will send you the present soon!
I won't have enough time to seek for the appropriate present in Sorachi this month so I may choose the coupon issued by the Japanese credit card company.
Next month, the bicycle I got at the beer party last night will be the present for the winner of the quiz in August.
I will post the photo of the bicycle tomorrow.
Please enjoy the photo of Lake AKAN for a while .
 I will post the explanation later.

I am back from the conference for the future of the region!

Lake AKAN is very famous with round green algae MARIMO as well as its mysterious atmosphere made by the myths of the indigenous people Ainu.

MARIMO is heavier than imagined.  
Lake AKAN and mountains around the lake show a variety of countenances every time, every day and every week.
Large-sized ships are available to enjoy the sight enough for tourists.
Speed boat is also available for younger. But I prefer kayak to keep it calm around myself.
Surrounded by these mystic nature, the hotel TSURUGA entertains the guests so much with the cuisine, art of indigenous people Ainu and creates special space.
To be continued.