What's that? & KITAIBUKI Melon!

 by Alan

On my way of jogging, something is different. I could hear some kind of noise on that day. What's this noise? I talked to myself.
When I look to the direction of the noise, what I could see was a parachute in the sky over the premises of Hokkaido University..
It seemed to have an engine and propeller what seemed to make the noise. Yes, it was a motor para glider. I was not sure from where he or she had taken off but it seemed so comfortable in the sky. Was it for video camera shooting ?
  Kazu said that he was not allowed by his spouce to fly with a glider or parachute but I was not prohibited to do it!  i am eager to fly in this season!
Besides, this is the melon that I was given by the mayor of Numata Town. It may be what Kazu called  "hidden brand of Hokkaido"
The brand name is "KITAIBUKI" and the brand name was put on the produces in Numata Town, Chippubetsu Town and Moseushi Town.
 Yubari Melon is the most famous and popular brand name in Japan despite the municipality of its name had bankrupted and has been suffered from depopulation and aging population after the coalmine industry had collapsed.
Yubari melon farmers exert their best effort to keep the brand name value and the quality of the melon.
On top of that, their control over the seeds and gene is perfect as well as their treatment for the melons.
However, here is another jewelry from Numata Town where "YOTAKA Lantern Festival is being held in downtown.
 The taste was superb! Please try it !
Oh, I have to leave here for the lantern festival in Numata. See you soon, Kazu, in Numata Town. I will send you the photos with words next week!
Have a great weekend and enjoy the big blast in Numata Town!

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