Sounkyo,the garden of deities!

by Kazu

Sounkyo Valley in Kamikawa sub-prefectural area is one of the most popular spot to visit for pleasure, particularly for trekking.
the hillside of Mt.Kuro-dake is covered with flowers of alpine plants in this season and is easy to reach the peak watching the beautiful scenery.
Soaking in the hot spring bath gives us the second wing after enjoying the trekking. Even for idle couch potatoes, the foot bath is so comfortable.
Near the station of rope way, this foot bath for tourists provides a little happiness.
Can you open the toes now, Norm?
It is good for our brain to stimulate the peripheral nerves.
Sounkaku is one of the most popular hotel that accommodates the climbers and trekkers. Its hot spring spa is so comfortable.
Of course, the foot bath is free of charge.
This is the main street of Sounkyo hot spring area and is like the one of Mont.Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, isn't it?  But not so many souvenir shops and junk food stands along this street.
This hot spring spa is available even for the people who will not stay in the hotel. So many people visit this area to walk around the garden of deities, called Kamuimintara in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu.
Soaking in the bath after trekking brings us to the land of snooze. Such accommodations are the must in such area.
Along Route 39, you can find the beautiful canyon with pillars of rocks.       Besides, so far just one Japanese lady reached the right answer to the quiz of the month for August. of course, the present to the winner is for the expatriates in Hokkaido, so she is not entitled to receive the present. I think next hint will lead many expatriates to the right answer.  Please keep track of this blog.
Have a nice weekend! 

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