Aviation Museum? in Takikawa City!

by Kazu

I was taken aback as I had a concussion.So many gliders that can be used right now are exhibited in a hangar of Sky park, Takikawa City.
It was like an aviation museum but the park has the tarmac in front of this hangar.

 Currently I am not courage enough to get on the glider that has no engine. The mayor of Takikawa City strongly recommended to try the flight but he said we would experience free fall or nose dive just after the aircraft draws the glider to the altitude of 3,000 meters and  the rope that draw the glider was released from the it. 
Some gliders have its engine and propeller to fly on its own but to just listen and feel the sound of wind, Mayor Mr.Maeda recommends to try the glider with no engine.
The instructor explained that the pilots have to submit the flight plan but in many cases, the plan should be revised and changed. As a result, many gliders tend to land in different places from the plan. In such case, the fellows rescue the pilots who landed on the place not in the flight plan..
Various kinds of gliders for solo flight and tandem are exhibited in this hangar.
I am complacent about my flight with normal aircraft with engines.
 Why the human beings are interested in flying with their own aircraft. My wife said that she never allowed me to fly with such gliders and to sky dive. At the risk of divorce, I can not try the flight with these art of flying.
This is the tarmac of the sky park in Takikawa City. This flat ground was made basically by the flow of Ishikari River and it was made the most of  for the sky sport by the municipality of Takikawa.
 On that day, no flight could be seen on this tarmac.
But the condition was so nice for the flight of gliders.  Would you try the flight with the art of sky?
Anybody, please persuade my wife to allow me to fly!


  1. Kazu, you should definitely take the opportunity to fly in a glider. I think you'd find it really relaxing. It's always very smooth and quiet as there's no engine, all you can hear is the wind.

    I used to fly gliders in the UK, it's great fun!


    1. How have you been, Andy?
      Please give me the courage to land on the different place from the tarmac planned beforehand and help me pursuade my wife!