Hint 2: Quiz of the month for August!

by Kazu

This is the photo for the quiz of the month in August. The figures are cutting a log with saws. Do you remember the hints shown in this blog?

Only the first person who send the right answer  
to ikeda.kazuki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp 
will get the present, the bicycle shown at the bottom.  

This is the clock tower that contains the figures shown above. Have you got it ? It is between the downtown area of Kitami City and Sekihoku Pass.
Many tourists are looking forward to seeing the tricks of this clock tower.
One Japanese lady has got the right answer just after I posted the photo above but only the expatriate who send me the right answer is entitled to get the bicycle.

I will check the time the answers reach me accurately and will post the time on this blog.
 I love the milk sold in this area. If you paid 300 yen , you could drink the fresh milk as much as you like.  But an adult can not digest the milk sugar contained in milk of over 200 ml, so to much drink is iffy while driving a car.
Please be the first person to send the right answer!

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