Winner of the quiz in Augiust!

by Kazu

Congratulations, Mr.Evans!
Yes, this is the clock tower in so-called Michi no Eki, the roadside station at Onneyu Onsen in Rubeshibe Town area of greater Kitami City.
This time the differences of the time the answers reached me are very little.
Mr.Evans: at 20:42 on August 18(Sat.)
Alan: at 20:55 on August 18(Sat.)
Kurt :at 21:30 on August 18(Sat.)

The present, the bicycle will be delivered by myself at Mr.Evansyour earliest convenience. Is this correct expression in English?
Every time I visit this roadside station, many tourists use the restrooms and enjoy shopping in this area.
The milk sold in the souvenir shops are so fresh and tasteful. Various kinds of souvenirs and food sourced locally are exhibited and sold in these shops.
These figures are in the clock tower, move and saw the log  as the game-players move the lever shaped like the grips of the saw.

This present is provided by Association of Construction Industry in Iwamizawa.
Please pray for the glory of the association and the industry!

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