Hint 1:Quiz of the month in August!

by Kazu

From the point of the quiz, Sekihoku Pass is approximately 30 minutes to one hour by car.
Please trace the route I was romping around.
1  Quiz of the month in July : Tsuruga Hotel Resort in Akan National Park
2  Japanese patisserie Seigetsu in Kitami City
3  Quiz of the month in August:?????
4  Sekihoku Pass
What is between 2 and 4?
I used  to go through this pass when I go back to my home town Kitami City from Sapporo City but now that the express way has been built up from Sapporo to Engaru Town, I don't use this route recently.
Kitami City got larger as a result of the merger with the adjoining municipalities and one of the municipalities has the place that is the answer to the quiz of the month in August.
Look at this photo carefully!    
This is the photo taken from the lookout near the Sekihoku Pass. I am not sure how many brown bears are inhabiting near here.
This stuffed bear was shot near this area and contributes to the bottom line of this souvenir shop now.
Other stuffed bears are from the bear park in the hot spring spa area near here. The hot spring spa area is near the place that is the answer to the quiz of the month in August. 
If you have got the right answer, please send it to
ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp   or

The present to the winner is the bicycle!

Besdes, Andy, I sent the coupon issued by AEON group worth 3,000 yen yesterday!
Please have a great vacation!

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