Tsurunuma Wine festival in Urausu Town !

by Kazu

On August 26(Sun.), the annual wine festival was held in Tsurunuma, Urausu Town.
It was not so hot on that day, compared to last year and many people in Urausu and other cities swamped to the vineyard. 
 It is expected that the grapes will be fine and produce good wine next year. Does it look good?
Horse riding course was set in the vineyard on that day and the horses were the descendant of original Japanese horses called "Dosanko" that were used all over Japan before the occidental horses like Arabs and thoroughbreds. I saw the same kind of small horses in Iceland.
 The vineyard in Tsurunuma area is so beautiful and good place to walk around albeit the bed of the plant was so soft.
The turf in the vineyard was filled with the stands and visitors drinking wine or grape juice in the morning. Celtic country music was played in this area.
Of course, kids can not drink alcoholic drink but some kids were romping around in high tension.
 "Wurst Yoshida" in Sintotsukawa Town is one of the most famous and popular ham and sausage maker in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. It provided German sandwitch with roasted pork, sausage or corned beef. Many people were waiting in the long line in front of the stand.
It took 5 to 10 minutes to have the sandwitch after ordering the menu but the taste of the bread and meat was so nice that the visitors could wait patiently in the line.

Only my wife and I were cold sober. Everybody started to drink in the morning and enjoyed the food sourced locally and talk with colleagues.  My supervisor experienced hangover in the evening on the day.
 Flower fields makes the border of vineyard and turf.
Every staff member of the stands were working  very hard until 15:00 and wrapped up their tents. How much did they sell the  foods and what is the bottom line as a result?
Many tour buses came from Sapporo City and other part of Hokkaido and dropped off so many people. Everybody looked so happy and satisfied with the taste of food in Sorachi. What would be the quality of wine this year? We pray for the good wine and propose a toast!


  1. Really enjoyed this Tsurunuma wine festival during the day.Could enjoy so many foods for wines.Love this kind of winery event especialy in Hokkaido.We should keep watching what are going on winery events until the end of this year.

    1. To be honest, I am not sure we can expect superb wine this year but I cross my fingers and toes for that!