Viva ! Tsuruga Wings !

by Kazu

This is the main dining room in Tsuruga Wings. Lake Akan and Mt.O-Akan-dake can be seen through the huge sheet glasses. O means male in Japanese. Mt.Me-Akan-dake is the other side of the hotel. Me means female in Japanese. The day-tour including lunch and spa is popular like other branch hotels in Hokkaido.
 The lunch in this main dining is buffet style.
The ceiling is decorated appropriately over the ample space over the head.
The symbolic pillar is at the center of the restaurant.

 The ingredients of the cuisine is very healthy but the amount to eat should be controlled by ourselves.
This is the entrance of the main spa of Tsuruga wings that has no outside bath. I mistook the exit for emergency as the door to the outside spa and saw just the stairs when I opened the door. 
These subtle Japanese taste arts are exhibited in each space of this hotel.

 Without thinking, just feeling the objects made me comfortable in the hotel.

After soaking in the bath, decks are available to watch the supreme scenery not through the sheet glass of the window.
The wind blown by God called Kamui in Hokkaido goes on the surface of our body.  One night stay may be not enough, once we enter the space created by the staff members of Tsuruga Hotel Resort Group. It is not so humid in summer in Hokkaio and touring by bicycle is extremely comfortable and make your life much happier
I think I will be able to introduce the spa in the flagship hotel of Tsuruga Hotel Group!

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