Roadside station in AIOI

 by Kazu

This is Train Park in AIOI adjacent to the roadside station. This train is not used as the transportation but as the riders house it works.
Many railway manias in Japan love the train colored with orange and beige shown on the right.
The railway station in AIOI shown on the left is not used but preserved as part of the park.
 The signs are not repaired and covered with rust as time goes by. Is it cruel?
In retrospect, this area was in full flourish as the terminal station of eastern Hokkaido. The citizens of this area decided to preserve the station as the symbol of their hometown and nostalgia.
This kind of preservation can be seen in many parts of Hokkaido. To make the most of these resource in each area and to revitalize the community, many railway stations abolished and turned to a part of the parks. Kids like to move the lever to change the route of trains. Railway transportation system nurtured many people with its revenue and budget of central government. But the system was not on the balance in the book. Making ends meet was impossible at that time. Many lines of
railways had gone with the industry that collapsed.
Think the future for the kids!   


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