What I was moved in OPa, Hot plate French Restaurant in Bibai City!

 by Kazu
 This is the appetizer accompanied with all the lunch set in common. Cold cucumber soup like vichyssoise is in the glass. I thought it was a little bit flavoured with garlic. Strained corn paste was on the spoon and so impressive. Melting in the mouth, it left a comfortable stimulus on my tongue.
The green veggie is like honewort. It stimulated the appetite with its slight bitter taste.Other veggie hors d'oeuvre also brought supreme happiness to my heart.    
This is YONEZAWA beef from Yamagata Prefecture. The fat in the meat is made with balanced feeding and frequent brushing by the livestock breeder. Making the most of the connection with those breeders in Yonezawa City, the chef Mr.Endo purchases those super quality meat from his hometown.   
For lunch,
Beef stroganoff set : 1,500 Japanese Yen
Beef Stew set : 2,000 Japanese Yen
Beef Steak set : 3,000 Japanese Yen
are waiting for the guests these days.
For dinner,
French course menu : 8,000 Japanese Yen ~
Reservation is required by 3 days before the use.
 Frankly speaking, the quality beef of this level can not be provided in the restaurant in Sapporo City and other area of Hokkaido.
The reasonable price is realized by the effort  exerted by the owner and Mr.Endo without maitre d'. The chef does all by himself except for gardening and farming. 
Mr.Endo takes ample time preparing for lunch and dinner to satisfy the guests to his restaurant. Please do not swamp to his restaurant with many friends. Seven to eight guests are 3 the limit to treat to his supreme arts of cuisine at once.  
 The process is like a fantastic show but he does not use tricky action that can be seen in the Japanese steak restaurants run by Mr.Aoki in the United States.
The left is the steak with Pikanto sauce made from fond de veau. And the right above is the steak flavoured with truffe salt and the right below is soy-sauce and garlic flavoured. Each of them was excellent and made me happy but my favorite was truffe and salt flavoured.
 Is it too much for females ? I do not think so because of the impressive delicious melting beef. Absolutely it should be tried right now! And run 5km to stay fit!
This the dish for my wife. This beef stew had struck me as the number one beef stew  I had ever. Normally we do not use such kind of supreme quality beef for stew. It seemed that Mr.Endo took so long time to cook this stew.

 The best condition for this meat!
Excellent job!
Of course, a cup of espresso accompanied with the lunch.
 The hors d'oeuvre or relish is called "amuse" in French? All the veggies used for the cuisine are from the veggie fields around the restaurant. The seafood produced around the island can be enjoyed at dinner.Would you have the time of happiness served by Mr.Endo? Please place a phone call for reservation to 0126-63-3235. If you feel difficulty in speaking Japanese, send email to
ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp or


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