Beside the lantern festival.

by Kazu

During the lantern festival in Numata Town, YOHTAKA ANDON Matsuri, almost all the restaurants and shops in Numata Town are very calm because the owner and staff have to support the festival from the preparing to the water fight for the staff. Needless to say, convenience stores are keeping its pace of running around the clock.
Among the restaurants closed during the lantern festival, this restaurant named ????? was very kindly open the kitchen and counter space just for us to treat us to wonderful beer and grilled eels that is now so rare and precious.
Thank you very much for giving us the source of vigor for Japanese,Mom! 
One more staff had a rest before the festival heats up. The staff members of steering committee for the festival may drink and eat out at guest rates. Two days of thunder event reached the climax at the night of August 25(Sat.) 
This is the gown for staff members and players of the steering committee for the festival and it allowed us to follow the floats of lanterns on the road.
This grilled eel had a little bit different flavour compared to the one in other restaurants but anyway delicious! It can be said that like the idiom "beef up" in English, we Japanese can say  "eel up", can't we?

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