Shiribeshi Wonderful!

by Kazu

Shiribeshi sub-prefectural area in Hokkaido has many beautiful scenery all the year round. Many "Big Blasts" for kids and adults are there. Marine sports, trekking, white river rafting, lake kayaking, skiing, para-glider, horse trekking, berry picking, hot spring spa, scuba diving, to name just what I can enjoy. Sometimes in June, after enjoying skiing, swimming or scuba diving along the coast of Shakotan Peninsula can be experienced in a day. 
And it has the scenery of some kinds of nostalgia that can be shared by all Japanese people. Albeit I recommend to have "dacha" in Sorachi sub-prefectural area in my business but my wife want to have a "dacha" in Yoichi Town where berry, grape, apple and cherry picking are the big draw and the sea is near the would -be our "dacha". A fire place should be there in my wife's plan, as well as a small veggie fields adjacent to the dacha. Many cottages and villas are on sale in Niseko area in Shiribeshi  but more attractive houses can be found for reasonable price at http://park21.wakwak.com/~hkss/akiyabank.html
only in Japanese.
Sightseeing information of Shiribeshi sub-prefectural area in English is at http://www.shiribeshi.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ss/srk/en/index.htm

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