Summer Vacation in Akan !

 by Kazu

 I am in Tokyo now remembering the beautiful scenery in Akan area. The temperature in Tokyo will go up to 29 degree in Celsius today. It is comparatively low and the wind from the sea is very comfortable even in Tokyo today.

But I would like to go back to more comfortable place in Hokkaido.
This photo was taken at the top of the flagship hotel of Tsuruga Resort and Spa.
The mystic blue of Lake Akan invited me. Kayaking on the lake is better than motor boat, I think. We have to enter the garden the deity of Hokkaido called Kamui with respect. But from the outside bath of Tsuruga allows us to watch the sacred scenery with our body naked.
The water in the spa is comparatively hot. The chilly breeze on the lake is very comfortable to our body warmed up by the outside spa.
It is very calm and just the sound of winds washed up our mind.
Our bodies were recharged fully in this spa surrounded by the greatness of the nature.
At this time, this outside spa on top of the hotel was exclusively for males and the lakeside spa was for females. At night, the outside spa on top will be for females and lakeside spa will be for males.
 This small bath is very comfortable, speaking of the temperature, though the sight from there is not so good compared to the wide bath showed above. 
The name of the spa is "Ama no Hara " which means the field in the sky.
 Until the end of August, "Torch Festival" in Akan is held every night and the guests can participate to the
parade with the traditional attires of Ainu tribe. Though the price of stay per night is a little bit expensive compared to other hotels in eastern Hokkaido, the hotel group and the staff satisfied the guest with their hospitality and the atmosphere created with the arts and culture of indigenous people Ainu. Even though the logistics may be complicated, some kind of international conventions should be held in this area. The subjects ? Sustainablility or preserving the culture and language of indigenous people would be great considering the location. What do you think about it? 

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