Art of Indigenous people Ainu in Tsuruga !

by Kazu

The name of the new annex of Tsuruga Hotel in Akan is "WINGS". The motif is the wing of Eagle Owl called "Ezo Shima Fukuro". I imagine the "Nike" called "Victoire de Samothrace" in French and "Winged Victory" in English. 

These textile are
of the traditional design in Ainu culture.They are like Japanese but not Japanese. Should I get allowed to post these photos on this blog site by the CEO of Tsuruga Hotel Resort Group?
I really appreciate the cooperation of Tsuruga  Hotel Resort Group. It's my last resort!

This chair is made of the antlers of deers in Hokkaido. Would you like it? We have to reduce the number of deers in Hokkaido to protect the lives of farmers and make the most of the bodies of deers with gratefulness!