Guide Rouge recommended, Kitami !

by Kazu

Sorry for failing to post the photo of the roadside station in AIOI where polar-bear cakes and brown- bear cakes with sweet red-beans paste inside. The vendors were closed on that day unfortunately but the the design of the cakes are pretty. It is near Teshikaga area in eastern part of Hokkaido.

Today I introduce the restaurant recommended in Michelin's guide book despite I am not sure how many expatriates in Hokkaido are interested in the buckwheat noodle that intrigues Japanese people so much. A certain kind of protein is addictive to Japanese people.

The name of the restaurant is OBOROZUKI which means the moon that can be seen vaguely because of the cloud.
It may be difficult to find the restaurant because the building is backside of a post office facing the main street in Kitami City. The countenance of the building is so-called Japanese taste. I am wondering if so many buckwheat (soba) restaurants can make ends meet in every place of Japan. The interior parts of the restaurant is so simple and sophisticated, I think. But I do not think I can run such kind of restaurant in Japan because I have not got the drift of the competition in the buckwheat business community. Approximately, a little bit over 100,000 people are living in Kitami City. I am not sure how many people can be repeaters to one restaurant. Actually,  it takes 10 to 15 minutes to eat up a bowl of buckwheat noodle so many people can use the restaurant as long as the restaurant prepares enough amount of buckwheat noodle before hand. But the freshness of buckwheat and noodle are the key point to run this kind of buckwheat restaurant and to attract people.  So some buckwheat noodle restaurant set the limit to the amount of buckwheat noodle they can serve in a day. If they run out of the buckwheat and noodle, they close their restaurants on that day. The prices are so reasonable that everybody can enjoy the real taste of buckwheat like other restaurants recommended in Michelin's guide book.  How long should I be trained to run this kind of restaurant? Rome was not built in a day, I know. But to get the hang of it, in other words, to learn the ropes is very important in every business field, I think. The restaurant is at the foot of small hill and the backyard is filled with trees and lawn. Lighting is so subtle. This is what the Guide Rouge recommended.                       

Buckwheat noodle and roasted duck with soy-sauce based broth is the most popular as well as "Bukkake soba" shown below in the guide.

Pieces of the rare more than underdone roasted duck are in the cup.

Pouring the soy-sauce based broth in the cup.

And soak the buckwheat noodle in the soup.

I prefer "medium rare" to rare, speaking of the demi sauvage of gibier, but the meat of the duck had a rich and fertile taste of fat.

Every friend I took to the restaurant enjoyed enough and visited there repeatedly. That is enough information to try the restaurant ?
This sign is at the entrance of the restaurant.  Would you try the mixture of oriental and occidental culture of cuisine?

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