Patisserie Daikoku-ya in Moseushi!

by Kazu

Daikoku-ya is well-founded popular Japanese patisserie in Moseushi Town.
It is facing the main street of Moseushi Town and the address is 妹背牛町1区3町内( 3-chounai, 1-ku, Moseushi Town) near the railway station.
The owner and the staff are very kind and bring teas for the guests who buy and eat what they bought in front of their shop.
 The characters and the colours on the original sign of this patisserie are fading away.
 Daikoku-ya produces various kinds of sweets, cakes, cookies etc. It was founded in this small town
 and has kept producing culinary delights for the citizens and tourists from other part of Japan including Hokkaido.

It may be difficult to choose from this bunch of sweets.
The number of the staff in this patisserie is not so many but the quality of the sweets are kept by this able staff.
The table in front the patisserie is decorated with pretty flowers by the owner everyday. Next to the flower pot is "Onbu Chou a la creme". It is very crispy and sweet. Onbu means to carry someone on one's back.

After the long drive in Hokkaido, having delicious sweets with teas gave us the second wing to go back to our sweet home. 
This is the brand new rice cracker made in this patisserie Daikoku-ya and the owner gave it to us for free of charge today. 
 On top of that, the owner gave us this pretty flowers to decorate our sweet home.
This crispy chou a la creme is my wife's favorite  but it is very difficult to eat it without making her surroundings cluttered with its crispy particles.
The owner brought us this jelly that contains fruits and boiled and sugared black soy beans.
I really appreciate the hospitality the owner of this patisserie
Thank you very much!

Besides, Tsurunuma Wine festival is held on August 26(Sun.) in Urausu Town ! Shuttle buses connect the parking area for the festival and the venue of the festival in Tsurunuma Winery. Please enjoy the local quality wine in Tusrunuma after visiting Numata Town for YOTAKA Andon Matsuri (Lantern Fight Festival) !

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