SUMIRE Ramen restaurant is great!

by Alan
Japanese Chinese noodle soup restaurant SUMIRE is one of my favorite ramen restaurants. I heard that the original recipe of  its miso (fermented soybeans flavour) ramen was developed by the Mom of the restaurant and her kids expand its business to all over Japan.
I think it can be said that  SUMIRE restaurant is the No,1 ramen restaurant on this globe.

 Once you had a taste of the ramen, you will never be the same;) Please try, try, try! The fried rice in this restaurant is also superb and my wife's favorite.
Drink up the excellent soup and the two characters of "KANSHA" which means "thanks"can be seen at the bottom of the pot.
SUMIRE restaurant has many branch restaurants all over Japan even in Tokyo and Kyoto. Real satisfaction is guaranteed!
I was struck by the taste of Miso ramen but other taste should be tried next time. The soup is very very hot but the surface of the soup was covered with melted fat so please be careful !