Present to the winner !

 by Kazu

I have not come up with an idea on the quiz of the month in August but have already decided the present for the winner of the quiz in August.
I got this bicycle as the present in the beer party hosted by the construction business association in Iwamizawa last Tuesday.
It has no gear change system but the size of the tire is 28 inches and it is very comfortable to ride. 
 The quiz of the month will be very difficult, I think.
But the hints will lead you all to the right answer, absolutely. But the quiz and the information on this blog are mainly for the expatriates in Hokkaido. Japanese people have the local advantages so please  show consideration to the friends from overseas.

It is a mere tool of moving but it may make your life more comfortable and much more enjoyable. The winner of this bicycle should register the  name and the serial number to the police station to avoid theft. Is it too big to send to the winner?
I hope many people get interested in the quiz and answer.  
I will go camping to NUMATA Town with my wife this weekend and enjoy BBQ and binge drinking with the mayor of the town Mr.Kanehira and his able staff Mr.Yokoyama in HOROSHIN Onsen area.Light-emitting insects can be seen in this season, I think.  
Have a nice weekend and be looking forward to the quiz of the month!

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