Where is this? Tsurunuma Vineyard in Urausu Town!

by Alan

In my jaunt in Hokkaido, it may be the most interesting experience. I was having a nap in the prius alpha owned my friend until he woke me up at the place where I felt de ja vu.
The scenery of the vineyard was in Tsurunuma area of Urausu Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
In my hometown Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A., we can purchase the bottles of sparkling wine and normal wine for very competitive price albeit no vineyard in such green area. The climate of my hometown is very
dry but the river named Rio Grande make the fertile fields in my state including the city of Santa Fe. The sustainable development of our economy is the real challenge on this globe, considering the conflicts between the developed countries and developing country in COP ???. It may be difficult to build up the agreement for the countermeasures against the global warming and greenhouse effect. Even in Hokkaido, the average temperature is getting higher like other area of the same latitude. Yes, it may be the good thing to raise the competitive rice in Hokkaido but, Kazu, are you
sticking with only the competitiveness of the rice crops produced in the area you are devoting yourself?

You have no kids between you and your wife but you should build up the real hometown for kids born in the area you may  govern and in Hokkaido.
I was told that Sorachi area has many vineyards and wineries like the valleys in California and Burgundy.
Until the wine made in California had got the first prize of the competition held by the wine  
association headquartered in Paris, even key person making the superb wine look down the quality of the wine made in California. The technology to make the dream wine that can be nurtured only in private papa & mama wineries but not in the incorporated entities averaged wineries was exported from France, Germany, Italy and Spain  to other area of this globe. That raised dramatically the quality of the wine produced in each winery on this globe. That is why we can put in the lubricant of the conversation, I mean the delicious wine and on top of your favorite Sapporo Beer, with cheese. I will report on the incorporated farm run by "short-time financing company later.
Good night!

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