Jinnai Farm 21 in Urausu Town!

by Alan

Introduced by my friend in Hokkaido, I visited Jinnai Farm 21 where many kinds of fruit are growing in the greenhouses.
It seems that the season of lavender flowers has gone. But the season of ripened mangoes is still going!
I do not think any expatriates in Hokkaido knows that the very best of the taste of fully ripened mangoes raised in Jinnai Farm21, Urausu Town.  
 This facilities are like the experimental farm or some kinds of research and development center of a private business or public authority.
I heard that the owner is the tycoon of a short-time  financing company and he decided to contribute to the society and people. Making the most of the cold weather in winter, the facilities are well-air conditioned even in hot summer. I mean tons of ice made in winter was stocked in the warehouse and the ventilation system conveys the cool air to the green houses to keep the temperature in the greenhouse moderate. 
If any inaccurate information in my comments, please correct on this blog site. I have seen very similar facilities in Canada. I think that was R&D center of Nortel that has collapsed.
The main entrance of this building in Jinnai Farm is decorated with beautiful flowers every time my friend and I visit. 
 The apartment houses of the staff are connected to this building with this breezeway. I can not imagine what kind of people are working in this building.
 The apartment houses look so nice to live even in winter.
 Engineers and bio-technicians are living in this condominium?
Livestocks including red cows are raised in this farm and the meat and ham are sold in the souvenir shop in this building as well as tropical fruits in this building.
One of my friends said that he had bought figs in this building last summer. The beef sold in the souvenir shop in this building may be a little bit expensive but the taste is superb.     
The fruits and produces raised in the farm are also sold at the roadside station along Route 275 in Urausu Town but a small fruit shop in this farm is providing very delicious mangoes that has ripened enough, 10 days longer than other farms of tropical fruits.
Many greenhouses are controlled on their temperature and  other conditions by computers but the real fruits should be harvested with the hands of seasoned farmers.
The small-sized mangoes are 600 Japanese yen and larger size  are 1,200 to 2,800 yen. it is impossible to experience this taste with imported mangoes because the imported ones should be fumigated in steam.
These mangoes are sold in this very small cottage in the farm. Cut mango is 500 yen and can be eaten outside of the cottage.
 These houses are also for the staff of the company but some refugee suffered from the earthquake and O-Tsunami in the eastern part of Japan lived for a while in some of these houses, my friend said.
Very tidy and cosy houses are enviable!
It may be a Shangrila in Hokkaido but the competition in agricultural area will be harsh in not-so-distanced future.