The Rose Garden in Chippubetsu Town !

 by Kazu

The Rose Garden was opened in Chippubetsu Town !
Due to the low temperature in spring, approximately 10% of the flowers were blooming on the first day but blooming flowers are increasing. (June 27)
 It is expected that as the temperature is going up, more and more flowers will start to bloom and be in full flourish.
One week after the open of the Rose Garden , approximately 60 % of the flowers bloomed. It was expected that almost all the roses would be in full bloom on July 7 when the Rose Festival would be held. (July 3)
As it was so fine on July 7(Sun.), many people swamped to the Rose Festival held in the Rose Garden.
 The first line-up of flowers started to wither and the buds of the second line are shooting around.
 The garden is given the good care and the beautiful rose flowers can be seen even after the first line of flowers lost the beauty.

Please visit the Rose Garden in Chippubetsu Town where real estate can be purchased for one cent per one square meter !