Japanese Inn Nakamura Ryokan in Numata Town !

by Chis.

This old Japanese inn had been run only in the TV drama "Suzuran" that means a lily of the valley. Though it has been more than a decade since the broadcasting ended, the location set for the drama, such as the building of the railway station and this old inn, was left and is still well-maintained by the caretaker and many tourists visit there even now.

The station and the inn is open from the end of April through the end of October, 10 o'clock in the morning to three in the afternoon.
"Please drop by," said the manager.
"Farmer's curry", rice cake flavored with moxa " Kusa-Dango" and "farmer's blend coffee" can be savored in the inn.
The small guest rooms can be seen in the inn. The stairs make sound when you go up.
It seems that the coldness in winter is not bearable without strong heating system in this inn.
The daylight and the decoration of the sliding paper door make the beautiful shade in the room.
Lying on the Tatami sheet may be comfortable on such beautiful day.
The old-style rain coat, an umbrella, a set of ski and a shovel are exhibited in the corner on the second floor.
The photos of the TV drama are also exhibited in a certain room/
You can sip a cuppa in such old-fashioned house in the outskirt of Numata Town. It is not used as a accommodation.  Just enjoy the atmosphere of Showa Era and "Farmer's curry or blend coffee.
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