Japanese Horror Story "Strings Player HOICHI without ear" !

by Kazu

Japanese traditional horror story "Biwa Strings Player Mimi-nashi HOICHI " was performed by the Japanese traditional danc-master  Mr. Narusuke HANAYAGI and Japanese singer and commentator His Excellency Damon KOGURE in Arte Piazza, Bibai City.
The details of the beautiful garden and sculptures can be seen on

Damon Kogure is described precisely on

He sang songs that fit the horror story to a T and told the story.
 The stage for dancing was near the white sculpture like a gate.

In the darkness and artificial fog after a shower like a squall in south-east Asia, the atmosphere was so nice to tell the story.
 It is the story of a blind monk who plays the Japanese traditional strings Biwa, telling the sad story of Heike Dynasty kicked out by Genji Dynasty in ancient era of Japan. He was invited by the ghost of Heike Dynasty and his story-telling strike the chord of the ghost. The superior of the monk felt something wrong and recognized the fact. He wrote the sutra on the body of Hoichi except for the ear. The sutra prevented the ghost from recognizing the existence of Hoichi but the ear could be recognized because the sutra was not written. The ghost tore up the ear of Hoichi and brought it to his master.                                                                                                                                                        
The sound effect and the atmosphere was perfect with the chorus of the frogs around there. It was prohibited to take photos during the performance, so I can not post the photos of the play. I hope the municipality of Bibai kindly would clip the scene and post on their web. Please pray for the fortune !
It was so beautiful and solemn night in the outskirts of Bibai City.

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