Furano Marche !

 by Chis.

Furano Marche was built on the place where Kousei(Welfare) Hospital had existed. It has enough place to park the cars but when crowded, one or two guides invite the customers to the vacant slot.
Many food stands are in the marche and the jumbo spring roll is one of the most popular draw as well as "Marche Cheese Burger" in this marche.  
At the stand of "Kitchen Furano", Marche Ceese Burger is the best seller  but I prefer "Marche Omelette Burger". Just three kinds of hamburgers including "Marche Burger" are sold at this stand. Fried potatoes, onion chips of normal taste and black pepper taste are the side order menu.  
The jumbo spring roll called "Namara bou" is sold at the stand of "TOMIKAWA" that sells Chinese dumpling "Chaozu" as well. "NAMARA" is the dialect of Hokkaido that means "very much". Bou means stick in Japanese.
A long line of people who were waiting their turn to order were in front of the stand. The staff looked so busy in the afternoon of Saturday.
"Furanokko Honpo" sells Japanese sweets shaped like bears. "Menkoi(pretty) bear" is the name of the sweets.
These are the sweets called Menkoi bear. Custard creme or chocolate is in the bear.
 Ice cream of asparagus taste, corn taste, cheese taste, pumpkin taste and grape taste are  sold at the stand of Gelato.
The souvenir shop was named "Argent" and filled with the produce and products sourced locally.
 The brand name of "Furano" is very popular in Japan because of the TV drama "Kita-no-Kuni-kara"( From the northern country). Wine, sweets, agricultural produces and beef in Furano are the main parts of their sales.
This is "Namara-bou" I bought at the stand of TOMIKAWA in Furano Marche. Minced meat, onion and corn were in the dough.
Chairs and tables with huge umbrellas were at the center of Furano Marche. Many kids are playing with the fountains at the center.
The season of lavender is soon coming. The hilly area covered with the flowers of lavender is located on the north of the city and many tourists from other islands of Japan and the other areas of the world. BBQ pork festival is held every year at the pass in the same season.
The hilly area and the winding road make your drive so comfortable. I suppose the cycle tourists can enjoy enough the scenery and the taste of the food on the bike.
 Would you visit Furano City this weekend ?
The weather will not be so nice this weekend but Furanon has many places to visit and enjoy in rain.

Have a nice weekend !

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