Sun Set Project in Hiyama, Again !

by HIYAMA Sub-Prefectural Office of
Hokkaido Government

Thank you very much for nice response to "Sun set project in Hiyama".
Today, please enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast of SETANA Town.
 "SANBON-SUGI Rock" above is the symbol of SETANA Town. The rock is the namesake of the shape like the three cedar three.

A seagull is flying on the sea. It's a beautiful shot.  
This is not the morning glory in Austrakia. But it is also so beautiful with the sunlight.
 This area is good for scuba diving in daytime but I do not recommend to do that in the night.
Can you see the silhouette of the shrine? It is OHTA Shrine called "The shrine stands at the most dangerous place"
 It will be fine tomorrow. Such beautiful scene can be seen from the shrine.
This is "Cape Benten". The beauty of the ocean and the coast can be appreciated around here.
Living in the town along the coast may bring us something different in our lives. Hit the road and go to beach but please be careful near the ocean!

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