Green Gables in Ashibetsu City 3 !

 by Chis.

Anne didn't seem that she had expected to get married with Gilbert Blythe in their school age.
Neither did I expect to get married with my hubby in my school age but it seems that he knew the destiny and actually got that real.
 The utensils and the stove in the living made me imagine the tough job required to the house moms in that era. Particularly, Marilla Cuthbert in the story kept the kitchen so squeaky clean that if she was my mother in law, I could not bear the burden to clean up the house. The story said that there were no stone nor branches that fell down from the tree in the garden of Green Gables.
This is the room for the servant in the Cuthberts but I can not remember if the family  had the servant or not.
 Many portraits of Ms. Lucy Maud Montgomery were on the second floor.
This is the photo of Green Gables in PEI, Canada. It was top of the hill near the red coast of PEI.
 Do you know how the room was used in the story ?
I can not remember .
This is not a coffin and looks like a treasure box . I am wondering who could lug around the boxes.
 The sewing room is so tidy but was the lighting
in that era not enough?
Anne's room is also tidy and pretty.
 Marilla's room looks so comfortable to sleep.
The guest room is coordinated with the color of white like Anne's room.
I felt like as if I went back to PEI, Canada and became eager to eat the quality boiled lobsters with butter sauce. There are many restaurants that serve incredibly delicious lobsters in PEI. On top of that, there many auberges that have the beds with ceiling.  Ladies can sleep there as if they became a princes.  
 Different from the houses in the United States, the size of houses are not so huge in Canada. I love that loving and caring nation.
Would you like to have a tea time in such pretty room?
 The fireplace looked so nice to have a nap in front of it.
Thank you very much for patience to read up the posting on Green Gables in Ashibetsu City !

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