The Biggest Sunflower Park in Hokuryu Town !

by Kazu

In Sunflower Park Golf Club, you can play park golf watching sunflowers in full bloom.

The park golf club is located between Hokuryu Junior High School and the roadside station "Sunflower Hokuryu" beside the route 275. The club has four course and is available for 400 Japanese yen per day.
Shiny sunflowers are waiting for you !

On the right is the opening ceremony of "Sunflower Village" on July 20.
The Brass Band of Hokuryu Juniror High School create so comfortable harmony to listen to.

The last attraction of the ceremony was "rice cake present." Totally, rice cakes of 60kg  are delivered to the guests in a few minutes.
"The Sunflower Festival is held from today through August 24. Please come again and again !"said the chair of the tourism association of Hokuryu Town in the opening speech. The sun flowers in each block of the park will be in full bloom in different timing. Please enjoy the scenery like in Andalucia of Spain !

Above is "Moulin Rouge".
Do you feel the power of sunshine ?