Buckwheat Noodle Restaurant "Erimotei" in Sapporo City !

by Kazu

I was taken to the buckwheat noodle restaurant in Sapporo City. The name of the restaurant is "ERIMO-Tei"  SOBACO. The restaurant makes the noodle with whole buckwheat, so the color of the noodle is dark.

The restaurant is the namesake of the town Erimo where quality  seafood can be landed. Of course, the sushi-grade fresh seafood can be savored in this buckwheat restaurant.

In Edo Era, buckwheat noodle restaurants play the role of bistro to drink Japanese sake. Various kinds of Japanese sake and spirits play up the taste of the dishes in the restaurant.

When I had been in North America, what I had been eager to eat is sushi-grade sliced fresh Japanese conch with green radish and soy-sauce. Erimo is one of the best place to land the quality fresh conch in Hokkaido.

The curious matching of hamburger and buckwheat noodle can be seen on the right. Salmon roe rice bowl and buckwheat noodle may be the new draw to allure the people including the tourists and the citizens of Sapporo City.

Besides, the URL of the restaurant is
Fried vegetable mix called  "Kakiage" is one of the most popular dish accompanied with buckwheat noodle.
Sticky chopped kelp called "GAGOME", Yam paste and boiled chicken are the topping of the noodle.
 Fried conch, grilled pork, fried shrimp and mushroom are the other toppings to play up the quality buckwheat noodle.

The tableware is also so tasty. Fried vegetable mix is on the right.
 Sticky yam paste was y wife's choice on the day.
It may be difficult to find the restaurant because the entrance is facing the small backstreet near the premises of Hokkaido University.

Kita 7-jo, Nishi 5-chome is the address of the restaurant.

Please find the hidden place for adults

Have a great weekend !

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