Yakitolympic in Bibai City caused the crowded bistros !

by Kazu

The skewered grilled chicken or pork or beef festival Yakitolympic held in Bibai City allured so many people, approximately thirty thousand people, to the city that the visitors could not try all kinds of skewered grilled chicken yakitori
in the venue of the festival set in front of the  
city hall and many of them flowed to the yakitori restaurant or bar in the city and some of them flowed to the branches of those yakitori restaurants or bar in Sapporo City.
As all of the visitors to the festival made their mind to enjoy enough yakitori from all over Japan, without doing that, they could not return to home on that day.
Speaking of us, all we could try was "Darm" which means intestine in Germany. The yakitori stand was from Kurume City in Kyushu Island. The skewered and grilled pork intestine with special sauce was so nice to have with beer !
Other yakitori stands, except for the local yakitori restaurant "Fukuyoshi", "Mifune" and national bistro group Tsubo-hachi,  ran out of the materials before five o'clock in the evening.
As I mentioned above, all the visitors were eager to enjoy yakitori enough on that day but most of the stands ran out of the materials and showed the sign of "Sold Out".  The visitors from Sapporo City who could not have enough yakitori went back to the downtown of Sapporo City and dived into the yakitori restaurants or bar. Some of them had to wait for three hours in front of some branch of the yakitori restaurant headquartered in Bibai City.
Most of the yakitori restaurants that set the stands in the festival experienced being swamped by such many people for the first time and their expectation of the number of people to swamp was much fewer than the actual wave of the visitors.
The only yakitori stand where we was successful to get the dish is on the left. The sign shows that Kurume City (in Kyushu) is the town of "Gourmet".
It is said that some medical students in the university started to call the skewered grilled pork intestine "Darm" to make them easier to be recognized as the eggs of medical doctors.

Do you like such naming ? Various kinds of languages are used to indicate a certain part of meat. Korean, Chinese, French, German, and Mongolian have effects on showing the kind and part of meat.
The quality of meats in Japan, I think , is the top of the world despite we Japanese don't have the long history to savor meat and fatty and soft meat is appreciated so much in some cases. Is it curious or ridiculous ?

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