Sushi Bar Janome in Rumoi !

 by Kazu

Before going to Yakitolympic, the festival of skewered grilled chicken or something, held in Bibai City, we visited Rumoi City for the first time in this two years.
This is the small saucer for soy-sauce in Sushi Bar Janome. A flat fish is described at the center.
 This is "Janome Special Dish" that includes 21 kinds of pieces of  sushi. It is for 2,500 Japanese yen. The quality of the sea urchin on the dish is not as excellent as "Horse Dang Sea Urchin" because the kind was Purple Sea Urchin. It was just before lunch time when many of the tables in the bar were booked, the rice was a little bit dry, to be honest.  
This is "the Kid's set". Salmon roe, flying fish roe, tuna, shrimp and fried egg were included.
Mantis shrimp, squilla was so nice to have and totally, "Janome Special" was provided at competitive price.
Of course, the sushi-grade sliced fresh fish worthwhile. The sushi bar is loved by the citizens and the tourists.
If you hate the smoke of cigarette, please ask the staff to take you to the non-smoking room. I do that every time I visit the sushi bar.
The address is 留萌市錦町3丁目 in Japanese and 3 chome, Nishiki cho, Rumoi City is in English.
Open: 11:00~21:00
The URL is http://www.rumoi-jyanome.com/
but only in Japanese, sorry.

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