Campana della Vigna !

 by Chis.

This is not the vineyard in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. I think that you have ever heard of the name "Furano" as the venue of skiing, location of the famous TV drama "Kita no Kuni kara"( From the northern country), the violet fields of lavender and the kingdom of  the sweets.
As my hubby posted before, the founder of the confectionery "Rokkatei" is seeking for the way to be loved by the most people in this world. It is the theme and the goal of the company.
As a part of their effort, the company built the comfortable place to eat their sweets, watching the beautiful mountains.
A wooden patisserie, Jingisukan pot restaurant and art museum are in a vineyard.  The address is Shimizu-yama in Furano City.
 This is Jingisukan Pot restaurant in the premises.
I am not sure how the restaurant staff can clean up the pot every time it was burned up and turned black with fat and meat.
The restaurant has enough space for hundreds of guests.
This dish is for two of us, lamb and mutton with sliced onion.
Yam?  Yes, of course!