Japanese Horror Story "Strings Player HOICHI without ear" 2 !

Words by Kazu

Photos by the municipality of Bibai

Please thank the staff of Bibai City enough !
They kindly approve us to post the photos of the fantabulous event on July 27(Sat.).

On the left is Japanese traditional dancer Mr. Narusuke HANAYAGI who is playing as the master monk of the temple that the protagonist HOICHI is working for.    
Japanese drum called "Tsutsumi" gave a nice twist to the story-telling.
Mr. Narusuke HANAYAGI is playing as the ghost of Heike Dynasty.
It had been raining until just before the show. But the rain stopped just before the show and the performance was conducted in mysterious atmosphere.
 This is the story-teller and singer Mr. Damon Kogure. Everybody calls him Damon Kakka which means his excellency in Japanese.
 The master monk is writing the sutra on the body of HOICHI except for his ear.
Damon Kakka is reflected on the surface of the pool.
Narusuke's son and the apprentice are dancing and expressing the wave of the sea that swallowed the people of Heike dynasty including the young scion.
His excellency Damon played various kinds of role in the story.
Japanese strings Biwa is the key of the story. The real sound of Biwa gave the reality to the story.
" Dancing can not be kept the shape like the works of art but it inspire and attract the people who watch him dancing,"said Mr. Narusuke HANAYAGI.
The fog came down from the mountains and gave a mysterious atmosphere to the whole performance.
The master monk regretted and blamed himself that he should have written the sutra on the ear of HOUCHI, too.
All the audience were charmed by the dance and story-telling albeit the story is very famous and known by most of Japanese. Everything was fantastic and the chorus of the frogs around there contributed to the performance so much !