Green Gables in Ashibetsu City !

 by Chis.

To be honest, it is our first visit to ""The Canadian World" in Ashibetsu City. My hubby has visited in winter when the park was closed.
My hubby might have posted the story of the Green Gables in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
The original Green Gables in PEI was lost before because of a fire and the design was also lost in Canada.

The design papers were left only in Ashibetsu Town that was used to build up this Canadian World.
Charlotte Town and Ashibetsu City have the sister relationship and the copy of the copy design was sent to Charlotte Town and the Green Gables were rebuilt based on the copy.

Besides, this is the post office in the story.
That is why the Green Gables and other buildings are the same as we saw in PEI but the mud of the PEI was red. Even the coast line of the east side was red, I remember.

This is the house of Mrs. Lynde who is the expert of making quilt.
The house has aged and has the atmosphere of the story.
The total location of the buildings are different from that in PEI but each house precisely shows the world of the Green Gables.
I think most of the people in this world know Anne Shirley. A freckled girl with red hair and good imagination. Anne was adopted by her sponsors, the siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert and she spent her adolescence in PEI where we visited in 2001. I remember the bridge to PEI had the shape of beautiful arch and when I went up the road from the main land of Canada, I felt like going up the road to heaven. PEI was the beautiful island filled with green leaves of plants.
The story "Anne of Green Gables" was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874~1942) and and published in 1908. Anne loved the nature in Avonlea and had the most curiosity and imagination. The story attracts the people all over the world even now. 

This Canadian World Park can make you feel like in the world of the story. "I did not expected such nice guests to have today !" Anne might say in front of you.
This is the sign of memorial planting when the relationship between Ashibetsu City and Charlotte Town was established.
I will post the Green Gable tomorrow.
Please have a good rest and see you on Monday!

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