Green Gables in Ashibetsu City 2 !

by Chis.

Needless to say, this is Anne's house.
It has so cozy pretty rooms that you may want to live there.
The rooms are equipped in the the same way as the rooms of original house in PEI are.
Anne is not in this house now but please visit !
It opens until October 20(Sun.)
This is the entrance of the Green Gables.
Have you visited the original Green Gables in PEI before ?
Going into the entrance, you can find this room
with upright piano and portraits.
The portrait of the author Ms. Lucy Maud Montgomery in her infancy is on the wall.
These portraits are of the parents of Lucy. The father is Hugh John Montgomery and the mother is Clara Woolner Macneill Montgomery.
The portraits of Anne's maternal grand parents Alexander Marquis Macneill and Lucy Woolner Macneill are also on the wall near the entrance.
It seems that Ms.Lucy Maud Montgomery grew up so beautifully and this photo was taken  at her age 21.
The dining room is so pretty but cleaning the room seems to be tough call for me.
This is Mathew's room.
I think the decoration, furniture, the frames of portraits are from PEI. I saw the wall paper of this design in PEI before.
Everybody can wear this clothes and wig with hat in this house, even my hubby but I do not post the photo of him in this attire for the pretty image of Anne.
Sorry for trying it !

Have all the back log done and break through in this week!

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