Bombay Blue in Iwamizawa City !

by Kazu

Thank you very much for introducing the quality Indian restaurant, Andy !
I visited Bombay Blue last week.
The naan was so nice with the crisp touch and fertile taste of the dough.
 Bombay Special Curry was my choice on the day. Boiled and sliced eggs and spicy chicken were in the soup. I chose a little bit hotter flavoring than the standard.
Me gusta !
Spicy grilled potato stimulated my appetite so much but I did not drink beer on the day because  I had to go to Yakitolympic held in Bibai City and it was expected that I would have to drink so much the next day.
 Butter and chicken curry was my wife's choice and it was comparatively sweet with tasteful soup.
The coleslaw should be appreciated as the rest of our tongue. I was concerned that the amounts of dishes might not fill up my stomach but that was enough for my wife and me.  
The interiors and the decoration are so cute with the base-color of blue.
The address is岩見沢市 緑ヶ丘2丁目29
    Midorigaoka 2 Chome, 29 - 5, 岩見沢市 068-0835
Phone: 0126-20-2331
The details are at
The blue quilt was like the dark sky in the night.
Some figures made in India or Pakistan were at the entrance of the restaurant.
 These are not for sale.
 I think you can find the sign easily near the Hokkaido Educational College and the restaurant is on the opposite side of the convenience store Seven Eleven.
The blue shade of the restaurant is the symbol and invites many people. The variety and the quality of the curry satisfy you so much !

Please find the restaurant in Iwamizawa City. The restaurant sets up its stand in various kinds of events held in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.  


  1. Glad you enjoyed Bombay Blue! It's still one of my favourite restaurants in Iwamizawa!

    Andy E