Coastline of Rumoi City !

by Kazu

It was so beautiful day but it was a pity that we left our diving gear in our condo despite this fantabulous condition of the ocean.
This photo is taken from the port of Rumoi to Cape Ofuyu and the shade is Mt.Shokanbetsu(dake).
 I was wondering the kids were seeking for and picking up.
What do you think they were searching for ?

Sea weed ? Octopus ?

There was a small stand to sell the bait and strings to fish up the crabs. Yes,  the kids were enjoying fishing on the tide pool. Small crabs were their target !
This area is not for swimming but it looked so comfortable for me to enjoy snorkeling around this area.
Over the rocks, beautiful seabed cold be seen through the transparent clear sea water. Small fish and seashells could be seen in the water which temperature stood at approximately 20 degrees in Celsius. It was a little bit too cold for kids but was good condition for me.  
I hope I would be able to have time to enjoy snorkeling with my wife on the west coast of Hokkaido this summer. But the season for swimming in the sea is very short in Hokkaido albeit I can dive in the ocean from May to the beginning of October.
Different from the ocean around the coral islands, not so many gaudy glaring fish can be seen but the yam fish swimming can be seen in the water around Hokkaido Island. It is prohibited to catch the fish in the water but it may be a good occasion for contemplating what I want to have for dinner. The plane for dinner should be arranged in the water !

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