Campana della Vigna 2 !

 by Chis.

Souffle cheese cake was the dessert after having lunch in Jingisukan Pot restaurant in Campana by Rokkatei, Furano on that day.

The transparent top of the cake attracted us so much !
Needless to say, just a single bite took us to the world of melting sweetness.  
 The patisserie has a wide deck on its east side of the building in which direction, Mt. Tokachi and mountains in Daisetsu area can be seen. But the peaks were covered with clouds on that day.
Lower mountains in the southern area of Mt. Tokachi showed us the mild countenance with the tidy raw of the vineyard. It was very comfortable to see the mountains, soaking ourselves in happiness of savoring heavenly sweets.
This is the art museum in the premises of Campana.
Another cake allured our soul and appetite in the patisserie. the content of the cake is sour grape cream made of the grapes raised in the premises. It was so cute and delicious!
Would you try a bit ?
I guarantee the happiness of having one!
It was so beautiful day and our journey continues !