The Railway from Rumoi to Fukagawa !

by Chis.

On our way back from Rumoi City to Numata Town, we dropped by the small station called Touge-shita which means "under the pass " in Japanese.

There is no stationmaster and staff in this station.  
 On top of that, no community could be seen around the station. Then, who used the station ? I am not sure if any kinds of mine was around there or not.
The train of this line is available even now but the number of the train is so limited that if you use the line, please check the availability beforehand.
Who takes off the snow in winter ?
Who can take care of the building and the railway ?
It is not my business but I would like to see the train stopping by the station and the person taking the train. Now, I just imagine.

Have a nice weekend !