Yakiniku Restaurant Gankomatsu, again !

by Kazu

It is 30 degrees in Celsius in Sapporo City and Iwamizawa City. Is it hot in your neighbors ?
The hotter, the better before a chug-a-lug of beer in a frozen pint.
If you ran out of power, please beef you up in this Yakiniku BBQ restaurant "Ganko Matsu" which means "stubborn pine tree" in Japanese.  
The BBQ restaurant is not profit-oriented and almost pro-bono work, considering the service and the quality meat provided by the stubborn owner.
The surface of the tables may be a little bit oily, so please visit the restaurant in appropriate attire.
The owner has sons but he lost his wife some years ago because of a certain disease. We were the only guest in the BBQ restaurant on that day and we talked with him for a while, having delicious grilled meat.
The air pressure in the barrel of beer and the frozen pint were well-controlled by the owner and sometimes he gave us "a service"pint after talking about his effort to provide with the quality meat collected from all over Hokkaido Island for a while
This is Jingisukan-flavored lamb. Don' you think that each piece of lamb is so thick ? The owner cut the block of meat after getting order from the customers. Considering the price,  this restaurant is pursuing to provide the best quality meat for competitive price.
Needless to say, incredible!
Rib steak and calbi were also so thick and so tasteful. The owner knows the all about "meat" after his pilgrimage all over the Japan, seeking for the best meat.
I strongly recommend you to try the BBQ restaurant in Iwamizawa. Yo should go and if you talk about Japanese yakiniku BBQ restaurant in Japan, it is the "must" to have the grilled meat in this restaurant.    
The pork intestine is also huge and well-cared and well^flavored.

Can you recognize the size of each piece of the meat ?  I am eager to let the people in Hawaii try the meat because they also eat the high quality meat. Thanks God, it's fantabulous meat and it will become my new TGIF and M.
The owner of the restaurant is on the left. He fights for providing with the best quality meat for reasonable prices and making ends meet everyday ! Kudos to the owner !

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