Light-emitting Insect Festival in Numata Town !

by  Kazu

Please come to the village of light-emitting insects in the outskirts of Numata Town. Light-emitting Insects Festival is held next to Horoshin Hot Spring Spa since the beginning of July and continues through August 4(Sun.).
Light-emitting insects are the symbol of summer.
They fly slowly and the light from their bottom is the flare of their lives that they are burning up.
The loci of the lights invite you to the another world.  The facility is located at the foot of a mountain.
Hot spring spa Horoshin Hoat Spring Spa is next to the facility and the camping site is near here.  Various kinds of insects are in the forest around the facility.
These the insects called "Hotaru" that are emitting light from their bottom. Please check out the facility at