Designated Local Gourmet in Chippubetsu Town !

by Kazu

Green Napolitain Spaghetti has been developed in Chippubetsu Town, Sorachi and designated as the local gourmet in Hokkaido.

 The green pasta is made of the flour, rice powder and broccoli sourced locally and the sauce is made from the juice of completely ripe tomato produced in Chippubetsu Town. This dish got the third prize in the competition of local gourmet held in Memuro Town, Tokachi sub-prefectural area.
The quality broccoli is freeze-dried and made powder in Urahoro Town of Tokachi. The flour and the broccoli powder are mixed up in a dough and the green pasta is made in Rumoi City.
Besides, the first prize in the competition went to Beefsteak and poached egg rice bowl in Shimizu Town, Tokachi sub-prefectural area and the second went to Corn Fried Rice in Memuro Town, Tokachi.
Mr. Mido-Napo on the right is the character for promotion of the dish.

To be honest, I am very happy to hear that the green Napolitain got the third prize in the competition because I did not foresee the result.
Congratulations !

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