Ashimoi Railway Station in Numata Town !

 by Chis.

I think this is the second time to post this station. Ashimoi or Ebishima is the name of the station. This is one of the stages of a TV drama. The design of the building is typical in the rural area of Hokkaido and some of them are preserved as they were.
I think this is the horse stable used before. Horses had played an important role until automobiles took on the function and it was not-so-distanced past.

After the broadcasting of the TV drama, the station was refurbished keeping the taste of the original which means the atmosphere of early Showa Era.  
 A lady with Japanese traditional attire is waiting for somebody or a train. This is the figure of the protagonist of the TV drama. I am not sure if the figure is carried to the warm place in winter or not. The heavy snow and cold wind in this area give damage to her body and the clothes.
It seemed that a stationmaster was at his desk but this was also the figure. The trains stop by the station to carry the passengers between Rumoi City and Fukagawa City.  
Rumoi City and Mashike Town are in this direction. I would like to take the train to visit Rumoi City from Sapporo City.
The wooden building was so tasteful. There is no stationmaster and staff like in the station of Touge-shita.
I was walking on the platform from the direction of Fukagawa City and Numata Town. It was not so hot and so comfortable wind is blowing from the ocean. The straight railway stimulate our longing for a journey and invite us to terra incognita.

Would you take the train and visit somewhere you have never seen before ?

Have a nice trip !  

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