Jaunt to Rumoi City !

 by Kazu

It was a beautiful Monday. It was not a business jaunt but I had to kick around the plan with my former colleagues in Rumoi City.
This photo is the coastline of Hamamasu Town facing the Sea of Japan.
As it was not on weekend, not so many people were on the beach albeit for kids, their summer vacation makes them have itchy feet. It was very calm on the beach.
Cape Ofuyu has a small waterfall beside the Route 231.  It was a little bit cooler than other area.
In Mashike Town and Rumoi City, the tourists can experience the dragnet fishing on the beach. In Rumoi City, that requires more than 15 applicants to carry out the tour. Of course, the tourists who took part in the optional tour can eat the fish they caught on the beach ! The tour is conducted early in the morning.
This is so famous fried-fishcake shop Suzuki Kamaboko Shop in front of the JR station in Rumoi City. It is in the citizen market where the quality fish are sold. The fried fishcakes are made of those quality fish and that is why the shop is very popular to the tourists.  
Various kinds of fried fishcakes are sold in the shop but it had already been closed on that day.This ten piece package includes the fishcakes of octopus, corn, veggies, shrimp, onion, peas, seaweed, leek and ginger,and so on.  
The round fried fishcake of octopus costs 360 Japanese yen per a piece. Each of fishcakes of shrimp, veggies and scallop costs the same. Is it too expensive for the tourist from overseas ? The taste and satisfaction are guaranteed !
Please try that with beer !

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