In hot summer, what would you like to eat ?

by Kazu

Speaking of comfortableness in summer, Hokkaido is the best place away from the humid empire, to enjoy everything in our life.
 I am eager to take you two to this well-established ramen noodle soup restaurant "Sumire ", Kathleen and Alan, but the soup may be too hot for occidental people and the hot soup can not be recognized before you sip it actually because the surface of the soup is covered with melted lard and the steam can not vapor to the air.until you pick up the noodle with chopsticks.
Please be careful when you sip the soup at first. I will  be able to take time for planning the special itinerary in Japan for the dynasty soon.
I am very looking forward to have the dynasty from the U.S.A. and making the most of the time we can share !  
Besides, the URL of the ramen noodle soup restaurant is  http://www.sumireya.com/
but written only in Japanese.
If you sip up the all soup, this characters that mean "thanks"can be seen at the bottom of the bowl.
So far, there is no expect that I will be able to take summer vacation. So I remember Bora Bora of Tahiti and plan to visit there or New Caledonia again in coming winter !

I want to dive into the ocean of French Polynesia or Hokkaido !

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