BON Dance in Bibai City !

by Kazu

It is one of the things Japanese, "Bon Dance" that is the namesake of "ullambana" in Sanskrit.
The ritual is to receive and welcome the souls of ancestors and to dance to the sound of drumming. Going around the watchtower where the drumming is being done, the people repeat the simple dance again and again.

"Bon Dance" had been an exciting event for each community, in which a man meets a woman or a famme fatal.
On August 15(Thu.), many children were dancing around the tower in Southern Bibai Park. Grilled and skewered chickens and Tako-yaki were sold at the stands and vendors.
The kids in each community were looking forward to take part in the "Bon Dance" but the vendors and stands selling food are decreasing nowadays.
Even so, each community is struggling to keep and continue theses kinds of events for creating the base of autonomy. Aging population and fewer kids affect all over Japan.
Kudos to the driving force of each community !