Rivista in Sunagawa City !

by Kazu

In front of the parking site of the Italian restaurant in Sunagawa City, this plant with red leaves were checking the clientele entering the restaurant. I am not sure the name of this guard on the hillside.
 This log house is the Farm restaurant RIVISTA on the hill in Sunagawa City run by IWASE Farm that also run ice cream shop on its premises.
The URL of the farm is   http://www.iwasefarm.co.jp/gransta_dining/
 After having cold pasta in the pasta restaurant Sato that I posted yesterday, my wife felt cold and need to warm up her body by eating something hot and ordered spicy pizza topped with chili sausage and sliced olive.
The quality of the cheese was superb and the pizza was so crisp. Me gusta !
I was convinced that we could eat up three more pizza in this restaurant if we were hungry but as the cold pasta was still in our stomach, we stopped.
A tiny stove was at the entrance hall. I remember the cold winter with heavy snow fall two years ago.
 We have to write our name on the waiting list at the entrance and sit on this small chair.
It is possible to eat the culinary delight on the deck of the restaurant. It is still comfortable to eat out ??? but the flies may attack the delicious food in front of you because the restaurant is near the farm.
It seemed that some assistant language teachers were having lunch in the restaurant. The scenery from the windows were so nice.
Would you try the restaurant this weekend ?

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